Last blogging challenge ever! 

Thank you to Miss W for organising and running this blogging challenge; I have really enjoyed myself and hope to do this again another year.  

Firstly, I would like to do a brief audit of my blog. 


I wrote 30 posts and of these 7 were not school based. I think to improve my posts in future I could ask a peer or adult, and myself, to check them, before I go ahead and post. I could also leave my post a few days before uploading it; this would allow me to think about it for a longer period of time.  

I would love to give a big thanks to those people who commented on my blog; I got a large number of 37 visitors but only 6 of these were from overseas. I would have really liked more overseas visitors. I really appreciated the feedback and loved reading your blogs too.  

I had 8 widgets and 3 were school based. I personally think if I had more time I would have loved to add some more widgets.  

Next I have an audit from my grandfather.  

He believed that my blog was well set out, in particular the way I laid out the writing and pictures and it was very colourful as well!
My grandpa also thought that the headings captured his attention because they were bold!
Although there were many amazing things about my blog; there were still things I could improve on. Some of them included: there were too many unassociated widgets and the places where the key was located on certain posts was not as clear as it could have been and was hard to understand. “All these features distracted me,” my grandpa stated.  

Now I would like to talk a little about the statistics given on the challenge post.  

I believe that the student blogging challenge was educational and fun; many others believe this too, which could be the reason we had 964 students register and 78 classes too.  

I am very glad we had such a diverse challenge as this means we got to interact with students across the globe, as indicated by the impressive number of 22 different countries students registered from and 12 different classes too.  

Number of post URLs left each week via the Google form for commenters to visit:
Avatars: 366
Commenting: 181
Images: 120
Global issues: 92
Free choice: 23 left on blog
Quotes: 171
Visiting: 31
Games: 36
My best: 70 

I notice that the statistics above vary significantly; from 366 students for “Avatars” to only 23 students for “Free choice”. The large number of URLs for “Avatars” was maybe due to people remembering as it was the first week of the challenge. 


Overall this year’s challenge has been amazing, I really enjoyed myself. Thank you.


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